Step l:  BEGIN

To stabilize the print, if you are using paint and mixed media, mount your tree print on a 2’X3′ adhesive matt board or foam core.   Mix your acrylic paint or coloured ink half-and-half with an acrylic glaze medium. You can also coat your print with an all purpose sealant.  (It is not necessary to mount your print if you are drawing, colouring and taping paper objects on your print.)

Step 2:  DESIGN

Get inspired by the variety of approaches used on completed Art Trees on this web site and on our Facebook page “Art Tree Project“. 

Photocopy the enclosed tree design sheet with your kit, if you have more than one idea on how to depict the names of your members and your group  heritage.   For example, you may like to exaggerate the tree form by adding more branches or roots.

See if members of your group or community have tools and materials to support your ideas and design. If you choose to use leaves, someone may have a leaf shaped punch or die cuts and embossing folders with a Sizzix machine.

A strip of archival paper has been provided to practice painting, or to punch or cut out elements to add to your Art Tree. If you like the style of the enclosed sheet of lettering, you might use it for your group’s name.

If you need further creative support, check with your township for a list of local art and crafting groups, arranged workshops, or high school volunteers. So many techniques are available at both our web site and on YouTube. If there is no support, consider starting a creative support group yourself.


Be proud of the groups to which you belong, and bring out your inner artist.

Roll up your sleeves and have fun! 

Framing your finished Art Tree will protect its corners and edges, making it a treasured work of art for years to come.

Caution:  Display your art work out of direct sunlight.